Celebrating Women in Optometry: Spotlight on Female Optometrists

Celebrating Women in Optometry: Spotlight on Female Optometrists


For many patients, the gender of their optometrist is inconsequential compared to the quality of care they receive. However, in the realm of healthcare, optometry has long been perceived as a predominantly male-dominated field. But the tide is turning as more and more women are entering and excelling in the profession.
In this edition, we’re thrilled to introduce you to two remarkable professionals, Dr. Okeke and Dr. White. Join us as we delve into their stories, showcasing their expertise, dedication, and impact in the world of eye care in honor of International Women’s Month.

Dr. Amaka Okeke: A Visionary in Optometry

Dr. Amaka Okeke stands as a beacon of inspiration in the field of optometry. As one of the female optometrists of Visual Eyes Group, Dr. Okeke has demonstrated unwavering dedication to the profession and a commitment to excellence in patient care. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for helping others, Dr. Okeke has earned the respect and admiration of colleagues and patients alike.
Dr. Okeke’s caring and compassionate nature extends beyond her practice, as she actively participates in various community service projects. She has volunteered with the Anacostia Watershed Society, contributing to the cleanup of Anacostia Park and promoting environmental health. Additionally, she lent her support to the Christilis Superhero 5K race, raising funds for underserved children in Uganda, addressing issues of poverty, neglect, and abandonment.

Dr. Allison White: Pioneering Excellence in Eye Care

Dr. Allison White, another distinguished female optometrist of Visual Eyes Group, embodies the spirit of innovation and excellence in optometry. Her dedication to advancing the field of optometry is reflected in her ongoing pursuit of knowledge and her commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies.
Primary care and prevention are her passion in optometry because she continuously interacts with patients and actively acts toward changing them to improve health.

She is personally interested in the medically underserved populations and feel happy to meet patients as their first interaction with a health practitioner.

She volunteered working for a military facility overseas serving the families of our forward stationed soldiers.

Beyond the Exam Room

Outside of their clinical roles, both Dr. Okeke and Dr. White are actively involved in initiatives aimed at promoting eye health and raising awareness about vision-related issues. Whether they’re volunteering at community events, participating in research endeavors, or mentoring the next generation of optometrists, these two remarkable women are making a tangible difference in the lives of others.


As we conclude this edition of “Spotlight on Female Optometrists,” we invite you to join us in celebrating the remarkable contributions of Dr. Okeke and Dr. White. Their dedication, passion, and expertise are truly second to none, and we feel privileged to have them as part of the Visual Eyes Group family.
Through initiatives like our “Spotlight on Female Optometrists”, we hope to inspire future generations of women to pursue careers in optometry.